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On the Normalization Condition for Cost of Living Comparisons under Time-Varying Preferences

(Naohito Abe, D.S.Prasada Rao)


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Release of Macroeconomic Uncertainty (MU) Index.

Professor Nakajima Jouchi, a member of the Research Center for Economic and Social Risks, Institute of Economic Reserch, Hitotsubashi University, regularly updates Japan's Macroeconomic Uncertainty Index, which is released by this website.

You can access Macroeconomic Uncertainty Index here.


SRI-Hitotsubashi Consumer Purchase Index will not be updated on January 1st (Monday), 2024.

Also, the Index will not be updated on January 08th(Monday), 2024.

Instead, the Index will be updated on January 15th(Monday), 2023, whitch covers the two weeks for December 25th to 31st 2023, and January 1st to 7th, 2024.


The 25th Macro Conference will be held in Osaka Nakanoshima Center on November 18th (Saturday) and 19th (Sunday), 2023.

Date and Timeļ¼š Saturday, 18th November 2023, 12:55 - 18:00 (Registration starts at 12:15) Sunday, 20th November 2022, 9:30 -16:20 (Registration starts at 9:00)

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The 25th Macro Conference in November 18th and 19th, 2023.


Please note that the deadline for paper submissions is Friday, October 6th 2023. (Japan time)


SRI-Hitotsubashi Consumer Purchase Index will not be updated on
May 8th (Monday), 2023. Insted , the index will be updated on
May 15th (Monday), 2023, which covers the week for April 24-
April 30 and May 1-May 7.

At present, any seminar is not scheduled.